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FasTrac Concrete Finisher

FasTrac Concrete Finisher is a cement-based finishing material designed to smooth, resurface and produce a uniform texture to tilt-up wall panels. Product can be applied by trowel, sponge-float or gloved hand.


  • Interior or Exterior
  • Excellent bond strength. Just add water.
  • Extended work time
  • Easy to apply. Creamy & consistent.
  • Result in a smooth, strong, uniform, void free surface
  • Water resistant after curing

Where To Use

  • Horizontal, vertical, and overhead concrete tilt-wall panels
  • General walls or other vertical or overhead surfaces that require finishing
  • Filling in and resurfacing small cracks, voids and pits
  • New and old surfaces


One 50 lb. bag of product will cover approximately 45 sq. ft. at 1/8″ thickness.


50 lb bag

Shelf Life

12 mos. properly stored


Material should be stored in a cool, dry interior area. At no time, should material be exposed to moisture, rain or snow conditions.

Application Temperature Range

Do not place when air surface temperature is or will be below 40 F within 24 hours of placing. Do not apply over frozen surfaces.

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