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Product Demos

FasTrac 246 Rapid Setting Concrete & the 750 Concrete Mixer

FasTrac 246 Concrete is a one-component, shrinkage compensated, proprietary blend of cements, aggregates, and performance enhancing chemical additives. This rapid setting concrete is mixed with water on site, used for large- scale horizontal concrete repairs, and form and pour vertical applications that require high early-strength gain.

The FasTrac Skid Steer Concrete Mixer turns any skid steer loader into a portable concrete mixer, ideal for applications where space, speed, cost and convenience are factors. It’s an ideal alternative to full-sized mixers when cost, speed and accessibility are issues; and provides more capacity and convenience than drum mixers, and is quicker and easier to clean.

Bubble Gum Form Release

Bubble Gum Concrete Form Release chemically releases hardened concrete from steel, aluminum, plywood and composition forms.  Not only does it significantly reduce your cleanup time, but this Made in America product increases form life by preventing deterioration and corrosion of forms.

125 Mini Concrete Mixer

The FasTrac 125 Mini Mixer converts any mini skid steer into a concrete mixer that is ideal for fencing contractors and anyone needing to do small pours. The 125 Mini Mixer has a 1/8th yard capacity, and will hold up to 500 lbs of concrete.  Gate controls allow precise control of pours, and can discharge on both sides.

FasTrac Road Rx Soil Stabilization & Dust Control

FasTrac ROAD Rx is an effective, economical, and environmentally friendly soil stabilizer and dust suppressant. ROAD Rx is a unique hybrid product that provides significant cost savings in maintaining gravel roads by hardening and densifying the road base, thereby reducing the continuous cycle of gravel application.

750 Skid Steer Concrete Mixer

The FasTrac Skid Steer Concrete Mixer delivers superior mixing with less maintenance. Baffled corners help prevent dry material build up, and the reversible auger delivers superior mixing and controlled dispensing. There are no rubber paddles to repair and replace. The one-piece all-steel auger delivers long lasting performance.

Hybrid Polymer Concrete

FasTrac CE700 HPC is a three-component hybrid polymer concrete system containing engineered polymer resins and specially selected aggregates. When properly mixed, the reacted chemistry produces a durable polymer concrete composite designed for bridge deck overlays, patching, and road resurfacing applications.

Hybrid Polymer Concrete Case Study

FasTrac Construction Products partnered with MoDOT – St. Louis and Concrete Strategies LLC. to enhance Route Y in Franklin County, Missouri with a new bridge deck overlay. FasTrac’s Hybrid Polymer Concrete was selected for it’s ease of use, high strength, flexibility and chemical/weather residence, adding another 30+years of life to the bridge. Read more about the project here.

EP1500 Portable Epoxy Pump System

The FasTrac EP1500 Epoxy Pump system is the next generation in two-component meter-mix systems. Why? The FasTrac EP1500 is a self-contained unit that is simple to operate, has few moving parts and requires no supplemental transfer pumps or air compressor. That means the EP1500 is the lowest maintenance epoxy pump system currently available.

Infinity Repair Mortar

FasTrac Infinity is a general purpose, one-component, rapid-setting, polymer-modified, non-shrinking mortar that is used when rapid strength gain is required.  FasTrac Infinity is mixed with water on site for virtually any type of fast concrete repairs.  Polymer modified for an outstanding bond.

FasTrac V/O Mortar

FasTrac Vertical/Overhead Mortar with a single component, polymer-modified, cement-based mortar for repairing deteriorated structural concrete. Use on vertical or overhead surfaces for repairs from ¼ to 2 inches (6 to 51mm) or apply it in lifts for deeper applications.

FasTrac Fast Plug

FasTrac Fast Plug is a one-component hydraulic water stop cement consisting of a proprietary blend of cementitious materials and performance enhancing chemical additives.  It is designed to instantly stop running water or seepage in concrete or masonry structures.

FasTrac Anchoring Cement

FasTrac Anchoring Cement is a proprietary blend of high performance shrinkage compensated cements, aggregates and water reducing agents to meet the demanding requirements of the fence industry. FasTrac Anchoring Cement provides quick setting and high early compressive strength mortar.

FasTrac 300 Cement

FasTrac 300 cement is a one-component, rapid setting, low shrinkage, extendable cement that is used when high early strength gain is required. FasTrac 300 Cement is mixed with aggregate and water on site for large scale horizontal concrete repairs and form and pour vertical applications.

FasTrac 246 SCC Concrete

Not only is 246 SCC self-consolidating with a high rapid strength, it is also polymer modified with an integral corrosion inhibitor, making it the ideal solution for repairs in salty environments.  Ideal uses include airport runways, bridge deck repair and parking decks.