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FasTrac Anchoring Cement

FasTrac Anchoring Cement is a proprietary blend of high performance shrinkage compensated cements, aggregates and water reducing agents to meet the demanding requirements of the fence industry. FasTrac Anchoring Cement provides quick setting and high early compressive strength mortar. FasTrac Anchoring Cement can be mixed to a dry pack or a pourable, self leveling consistency. FasTrac Anchoring Cement will take approximately 5 minutes to setup completely. FasTrac Anchoring Cement can be used “neat” / full strength or as an admixture with pre-packaged concrete mix or added to Portland Cement and aggregate mix designs. When properly mixed with water, FasTrac Anchoring Cement will develop a non-shrinking controlled expansion designed to mechanically lock posts in place.


One 50lb pail yields approximately one half cubic foot.


Store in a dry interior area. At no time should the material be exposed to high moisture, rain or snow conditions.

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