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Table Rock Lake: FasTrac Bridge Rehab

FasTrac Construction Products partnered with Lehman Construction LLC. to rehab the MO Hwy 76 bridge in Cape Fair, MO. This is an older 2 lane narrow bridge overlooking Table Rock Lake. About the Project Lehman Construction used the FasTrac 750 Concrete Mixer to mix the FasTrac HP Grout for the grouting of the precast panels. [...]

Caltrans Partners with FasTrac on I-405 Project

Interstate 405 (I-405) is a major north–south auxiliary Interstate Highway in Southern California. The entire route is known as the northern segment of the San Diego Freeway. I-405 is heavily traveled by both commuters and freight haulers along its entire length and is the busiest and most congested freeway in the United States. Decades of heavy[...]

Franklin County, MO: FasTrac Hybrid Polymer Concrete

FasTrac Construction Products partnered with MoDOT - St. Louis and Concrete Strategies LLC. to enhance Route Y in Franklin County, Missouri with a new bridge deck overlay. FasTrac's Hybrid Polymer Concrete was selected for it's ease of use, high strength, flexibility and chemical/weather residence, adding another 30+years of life to the bridge. Learn more about[...]

Railroad Bridge Repair: Taking the FasTrac

One of our contractor customers provides repair and construction services for several railroads, and a recent project required a quality self consolidating concrete to ensure project success. On a rural stretch of track near Blackburn, MO, a railroad bridge built in 1900 was showing its age.  The bridge required a new concrete pad to support[...]

Auckland, New Zealand: FasTrac 300 Cement

Auckland Airport pavements were originally constructed in 1964 and have long served the New Zealand community and travelers the world over.  However, the pavements were starting to show their age and some pavement needed to be replaced. The problem crews faced was how to reconstruct part of the Auckland Airport airfield pavements with long-lasting, durable[...]

Bridge Deck in Sedalia, MO: FasTrac Hybrid Polymer Concrete

FasTrac Hybrid Polymer Concrete is an excellent solution to grade correction issues. State Highway 65 just North of Sedalia, MO was in need of such a solution. MODOT decided to utilize the FasTrac HPC material to correct a situation where a concrete overlay was not lining up with the bridge joints. The concrete deck was[...]

Columbia, MO Project: FasTrac 246 Concrete

Emery Sapp & Sons of Columbia, Missouri, completed a Design Build bridge project on I-70 in Columbia utilizing some very unique design and construction concepts that delivered new bridges in a fast track manner while minimizing disruption to the traveling public. One unique aspect of this project was a Slide In Bridge Construction (SBIC) where[...]

Honolulu, HI H1 Freeway: FasTrac Polymer & FasTrac 303 Cement

Hawaiian Dredging was hired to install additional lanes along the heavily traveled Pearl City and Waimalu Viaduct in Honolulu, Hawaii. The project was designed to increase the capacity of the H1 freeway for Westbound commuters during the afternoon rush hour. FasTrac 303 Cement and FasTrac Polymer were instrumental in the repair, allowing the construction crews[...]

Vincent Thomas Bridge: FasTrac Hybrid Polymer Concrete

Caltrans chose to use FasTrac Hybrid Polymer Concrete to repair a spot on the Vincent Thomas Bridge, spanning the Los Angeles Harbor and linking San Pedro and Los Angeles with Terminal Island. The bridge carries a heavy traffic load, round the clock, so reducing down time was critical. The fact that the repair could be[...]

Independence, MO Project: FasTrac 300 Cement

State Route 291 at 23rd St. in Independence, MO is a heavily traveled intersection that is also a truck route servicing heavy industry in the Kansas City area. Average daily traffic at this intersection is approximately 27,000 vehicles with 10% truck traffic. As is common at intersections, the asphalt pavement tends to rut and shove and[…]