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FasTrac CG Grout

FasTrac CG Grout being poured for a column baseplate.

Construction-Grade Grout

FasTrac CG Grout construction-grade grout is a non-metallic, mineral aggregate based, non-shrink economical grout. The product is specifically developed as a high-strength, cost-effective, general-purpose grout for use across a broad range of large and small construction projects. FasTrac CG Grout will not rust and contains no added chlorides or gypsum. FasTrac CG Grout provides a range of consistency from dry pack to fluid to meet many different application requirements. It is furnished pre-mixed and ready to use. FasTrac CG Grout may be extended for deep grouting with pea gravel for greater yield and increased economy. FasTrac CG Grout is freeze-thaw stable and may be used for interior or exterior applications, above- or below-grade.


  • Furnished premixed and ready to use (just add water).
  • Excellent freeze-thaw characteristics (long-term stability).
  • Conforms to ASTM C 827 and ASTM C 1090 positive expansion.
  • May be mixed to dry pack, plastic, flowable, and fluid consistencies for high versatility.
  • Provides a high strength, non-shrink grout for a broad range of general construction projects.
  • Offers the strength and characteristics required for cost-effective, general purpose grouting.
  • Cost reductions are realized when extended with pea gravel for deep grouting.
  • Requires no separate bonding agent … only pre-saturation of concrete with water prior to application.
  • No site batching required for consistent results.
  • No added chlorides or gypsum.

Where To Use

  • machine and column baseplate
  • anchoring doweling
  • bearing pads
  • precast wall panels
  • bridge seats
  • suitable for the transportation, industrial, commercial, and municipal markets


Approx. 3 yards per bulk-bag/super sack but largely dependent upon aggregate proportion


50 lb bag
2,000 lb bulk bag

Shelf Life

12 mos. properly stored


Store in a dry and clean area

Application Temperature Range

Follow cold temperature application procedure ACI 306, “Standard on cold weather concreting” if both the daily temperature falls below 40° F (23.9°C) and the air temperature does not rise above 50° F (23.9°C) for more than 12 hours in any 24 hour period for three consecutive days prior to insulation.
Follow ACI 305 – “Standard on hot weather concreting” if conditions existing for rapid water loss which includes high air temperature, high winds, direct sun or low humidity.

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