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FasTrac Retarder

FasTrac Retarder is used on a road repair to improve workability in hot weather conditions.


FasTrac Retarder is a safe non-hazardous, water-borne retarder for cementitious products. It was designed specifically to slow the set of FasTrac rapid-setting concrete and cement products. While a rapid set is the goal, ambient conditions and temperature sometimes dictate that the mix must be slowed to be manageable. FasTrac Retarder can be used to help manage this.


Shake the pail well. Some “flakes” of settled material may become suspended in the jug; these will not affect the performance.  Dose according to ambient temperature, using the dosage chart (below). Ensure the mix water is adjusted to account for the additional water from the admixture.

Consult a FasTrac representative for further information.

Physical Properties

White to off-white powder, granules


50 lb pail

Clean Up

Clean up spills immediately and dispose of waste safely.


Store and transport in clean, dry conditions.

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