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FasTrac Cure & Seal

FasTrac Cure & Seal 1315 is a clear, VOC compliant, solvent based, non-yellowing, acrylic copolymer curing and sealing compound containing 25 % solids. Cure & Seal1315 provides the water retention qualities essential to proper curing with the added feature of a clear membrane that effectively seals, dustproofs and beautifies new or old concrete. It meets and exceeds the requirements of ASTM C 309 and ASTM C 1315.

Cure & Seal1315 is designed for use as a curing and sealing compound for freshly placed concrete. Interior and exterior applications. A color stable, high gloss, pure acrylic system protects new construction against spills, stains, cementitious splatters producing an easy to clean substrate for final walkthroughs. Use to protect and seal stamped decorative concrete, stucco, brick and exposed aggregate concrete.


  • Excellent moisture retention reducing concrete shrinkage
  • U.V. stable, non-yellowing. Non – blushing, breathable film
  • Seals and hardens surface reducing cleanup costs on new construction
  • Applies easily. Fast drying for fast track turnaround
  • Insures optimum strength of cured concrete
  • Low viscosity allows for increased coverage rates
  • Compatible with most flooring covering adhesives. Consult manufacturer prior to installation.
  • Excellent protection against common construction staining, oils and salt attack

Curing Yield

300 to 400 Sq. Ft. / Gal


55 gal / 208 L units
5 gal / 18.9 L units

Shelf Life

12 mos. properly stored


Store at 40⁰ F – 95⁰ F (5⁰ C – 35⁰ C)

Application Temperature Range

Condition material to 65⁰ F – 85⁰ F (18⁰ C – 29⁰ C) before using

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