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Hybrid Polymer Concrete

The Ultimate Bridge Deck and Road Resurfacing Solution

FasTrac CE700 HPC is a three-component hybrid polymer concrete system containing engineered polymer resins and specially selected aggregates. When properly mixed, the reacted chemistry produces a durable polymer concrete composite designed for bridge deck overlays, patching, and road resurfacing applications. Specifically designed to resurface and restore prepared concrete surfaces from ½” to 12” in one application lift. The system can be utilized for variable depth cross sections. Return to traffic within 3 hours.


  • Rapid return to traffic – less than 3 hours
  • Impermeability provides excellent protection against chloride intrusion increasing structure life
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Low modulus formula produces less stress on the substrate
  • Excellent thermal compatibility
  • No volatile chemical odors, zero VOC
  • Durable in extreme climatic conditions
  • Self-priming, no primer required
  • Freshly placed system can be tined to produce a traction profile
  • Optional high friction aggregate surface can be added for increased traffic safety

Where To Use

  • Bridge deck resurfacing
  • Road resurfacing
  • Concrete repair
  • Grade correction
  • Elevated parking structure overlays

Hybrid Polymer Concrete Case Study - Bridge Deck Overlay

FasTrac Construction Products partnered with MoDOT – St. Louis and Concrete Strategies LLC. to enhance Route Y in Franklin County, Missouri with a new bridge deck overlay. FasTrac’s Hybrid Polymer Concrete was selected for it’s ease of use, high strength, flexibility and chemical/weather residence, adding another 30+years of life to the bridge. Read more about the project here.

How will Hybrid Polymer Concrete enhance your next project?

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